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( ¯`·._.·[ Football Manager 2014 patch 14.2.0 ]·._.·´¯ )

Editeur : Sega
Développeur : Sports Interactive
Type : Gestion / Sport

Mise à jour de Football Manager 2014 (14.2) !

Vos sauvegardes seront toujours compatibles et vous pourrez
continuer vos carrières normalement.

• Correction de bugs : oui.
• Mise à jour du moteur de match : oui.
• Mise à jour de la base de données : non.

(Consulter le fichier NFO pour plus de détailles)

Format : exe
Taille : 558
Plateforme : PC
Langue :
Région : EURO

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Nom Football manager 2014 Patch 14.2.0 noSteam
Torrent Football manager 2014 Patch NOSTEAM.torrent
Catégorie Windows
Taille totale 558.71 MB
Info Hash dc1efaedce9951db94025b6bfb2e32db4e88268d
Uploadé par Anonymous
Uploadé le 2013-12-30 18:09:28 (+00:00)
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Path Size
Football manager 2014 Patch NOSTEAM/setup.exe 521.1 MB
Football manager 2014 Patch NOSTEAM/Crack/fm.exe 37.12 MB
Football manager 2014 Patch NOSTEAM/Crack/steam_api.dll 502 KB
Football manager 2014 Patch NOSTEAM/Crack/3DMGAME.ini 1.48 KB

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                         Football Manager 2014 patch

                              General Information

Type.................: Game
Platforme.............: PC (Windows xp,vista,7,8)
Langue................: Franτais, Anglais, Espagnol 

Voici la liste des corrections (en anglais):


- Fixed rare crash when continuing game
- Fixed another rare crash when continuing edited save game
- Fixed crash testing rules in Advanced Editor
- Fixed crash when searching invalid latitude value in Editor

MATCH v1439

- Fixed rare occurrence of stats incorrectly showing 255
- Reduced instances of direct free kicks aimed too close to crossbar inflating woodwork stats
- Fixed instances of throw ins taken just on pitch
- Tweaked urgency of engagement of ball player in own half depending on defensive player's tactical settings
- Improved general logic of when to attempt a tackle
- Tweaked aim direction of sliding tackles
- Reduced wild challenges slightly
- Fixed keeper accelerating out of area after fielding ball
- Fixed player ratings not updated quickly enough in some circumstances
- Some tweaks to player ratings including weighting on headers, interceptions and tackles
- Fixed poor detection of save quality
- Reduced first time keeper clearances under little pressure when he has short distribution PI
- Fixed strange ball movement after some instances of players pushing opponents while going to ariel ball
- Fixed non marking of short corner option player
- Reduced poor attempts to win corner off opponent
- Reduced poor cross attempts that had little chance of completion
- Reduced pointless shot attempts slightly
- Fixed quick free kick direction facing
- Fixed blocked crosses being set as completed crosses in stats
- Fixed short corners being set as crosses in stats
- Fixed players going through bench
- Fixed subs running on pitch after friendly win
- Improved keeper kick out from hands contact point
- Fixed issues with depth and width values after human tactical changes
- Fixed player standing at wrong end of pitch when following "stand in front of keeper at free kick" instruction
- Fixed bad goal kicks when the keeper kicks the ball out for an injury
- Refined counter attack trigger point depending on team mentality setting
- Improved player decision making during counter attack phase of play
- Some general tweaks to on ball decision AI
- Increased chance of player misjudging ball path slightly
- Made it harder for player to kill pace on fast moving ball especially at speed
- Improved ball velocity on some crosses
- Fixed ball contact point issue when putting ball out of play for an injury
- Added cross less often PI
- Fixed some issues with kick off AI
- Fixed some issues defending corners
- Fixed some keeper positioning and facing issues, including coming out inviting easy lobs
- Some tweaks to pass AI
- Tweaked d-line position slightly
- Fixed some further engagement of ball player issues
- Tweaked default cross aim slightly
- Reduced further attempts to buy corner off opponent
- Increased long shots slightly
- Fixed keeper misjudging occasional headed back pass
- Reduced penalty scored % slightly
- Fine-tuned CCC detection very slightly
- Reduced overhit mid-range passes caused by physics interface flaw not player error
- Tweaked player movement at dead balls slightly
- Reduced defensive headers that are aimed too close to own goal
- Small tweaks to shot and pass accuracy


- Improved Match Plan substitution logic
- Increased individual player training to prevent players becoming unhappy with workload
- Fixed mid-season Budget news item sometimes not appearing
- Fixed user not being able to declare interest in jobs when AI Managers are 'insecure'


- User can now 'scan for graphics' to manually index Workshop graphics
- User can start challenges from Workshop
- Game will now index files without a config
- Kits can now be uploaded to Workshop
- Manually deleted files will no longer produce error for users
- Italian Hero Achievement fixed


- Fixed rare instance where No Sacking would not unlock
- User can add second nationalities
- Can now move players between AI clubs
- Can now transfer free agents using 'move to other clubs' option
- Future transfers cleared when free agents are moved


- Managers can now be set correctly at B/II Teams.
- Improved team selection in custom Nation Rules.
- Advanced competition foreign player rules should now extract into the game correctly.
- Major fixture dates now visible on the Break Periods panel.
- Fixed the 3+GK from 7 substitutes rule.
- Improved loading times when multi-editing certain fields.
- Improved the re-assignment of Fitness Coaches' attributes when extracted into the game.
- Spanish Third Division may now be added to custom nation rules.
- 'Directions' may now be set on the Wage Contributions screen


- Added preference to hide the IGE icon from being displayed in the toolbar
- Added option when starting a new game to stop the IGE ever being usable on that save
- Added a filter on the join network panel to search for games without IGE
- Added Heal All Players in Squad
- Aded Unban All Players in Squad
- Added Change Morale of all Players in Squad
- Added Make Human Unsackable
- Added Terminate contract
- 'Rushing Out' attribute can now be successfully edited


- Fixed rare example of clubs incorrectly failing FFP
- AI will now always register players when user is on holiday
- Stopped Swedish Second Divisions changing number of teams
- Spanish "B" Team Squad Numbers now remembered between matches
- Stopped players returning from their end of season break too early
- Stopped Scottish Premiership Playoff matches being scheduled for consecutive days
- Fixed rare example of Belgian season not being scheduled
- Fixed scheduling of Copa Libertadores & Sudamericana when removing South American leagues
- Fixed Italian transfer window dates
- Fixed overage rules in Russian U21 league
- Fixed Scottish Premiership Relegation Playoff scheduling
- Stopped assistant manager arranging reserve friendlies when already in a reserve league
- Fixed North American Gold Cup attendances
- Fixed Belgian Pro League European Playoff Final scheduling when cup winners qualify
- Set 2015 Asian Cup Qualifying groups as per real life
- Fixed English League Cup / EURO Cup fixture clashes
- Fixed English FA Cup replays being scheduled during international breaks
- Fixed 2015 U20 World Cup scheduling


- Reduced player bonus demands in contract negotiations
- Stopped former staff generating scout reports
- Stopped AI clubs bidding on players they cannot afford
- Improved AI shortlisting for Spanish B teams
- Stopped out of contract players from being agent owned
- Fixed expiry date being set in the past for transfer targets
- Improved logic of AI co-ownership offers
- Fixed user being unable to Approach To Sign player after deal falls though
- Fixed semi-pro sides being unable to offer non-contracts


- Fixed Continue button disappearing before penalty shootouts
- Fixed text overrun on GK attribute octagons
- Fixed code displayed in board meeting
- Fixed match focus not state saving


- Fixed tactical familiarity not adjusting when some strategies changed
- Fixed formation familiarity being lost in certain circumstances


- Fixed Offer to Clubs screen changing when other users navigate
- Fixed warning message when clients attempt to join network game


Configuration requise (PC) :

Syst░me d'exploitation : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processeur : Intel Pentium 4 Intel Core, AMD Athlon XP: 1.6GHz+ V/7/8: 2.2GHz+
M+moire vive : 1 Go
Carte graphique : NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100
DirectX : Version 9.0c
Disque dur : 3 Go d'espace disponible

                                Install Notes

1/ lancer 'setup.exe' et suivre les instructions

2/ Copier le contenu du crack dans le dossier installé ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Football Manager 2014\ )

3/ Jouez



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Forn ↑ 3.37 TB ↓ 2.97 TB Ratio: 1,13

Virus détecté aussi avec le joli petit cheval de troie qui se mets en lançant le setup...

comicomi ↑ 120.73 GB ↓ 115.15 GB Ratio: 1,04

Virus détecté par l'ordinateur, un cheval de troie crée à chaque lancement du setup.exe

giman ↑ 3.38 TB ↓ 2.36 TB Ratio: 1,43

J'ai juste une question:

Je viens de télécharger le jeu; est-ce utile d'installer d'abord le patch 14.20 avant d'installer le patch 14.30?
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses éclairées

Drifting91 ↑ 826.37 GB ↓ 278.03 GB Ratio: 2,97

C'est normal que steam se lance ?

Slote ↑ 57.19 GB ↓ 34.54 GB Ratio: 1,65

Pour l'instant marche nickel chez moi.

alexiamilka ↑ 474.29 GB ↓ 453.64 GB Ratio: 1,04

Bonjour, pour ma part aucun souci pour installer le patch, le jeu se lance aucun souci par contre quand je vais pour lancer une nouvelle partie, c'est marqué Version 14.0.0 , pareil pour vous? je ne sais pas si la Maj a été prise en compte

faarii120391 ↑ 1.67 TB ↓ 1.35 TB Ratio: 1,23

cela marche pour moi ! suivez le NFO !!

par contre dans le jeux ce n'es pas noté version 14.2.0 mais toujours la précedente , est ce normal ?

serbero ↑ 3.21 TB ↓ 2.47 TB Ratio: 1,30

franchement, c'est simple à installer et l'instruction est clair. Sauf que le chemin d'installation sélectionné dans le setup rajoute toujours un répertoire "football manager 2014". Donc, au pire :

1: lancer "setup.exe"
2: sélectionner un endroit sur votre PC (n'importe ou, l'essentiel est de le retrouver après l'installation)
3: copier le contenu de l'installation dans le répertoire du jeu (en fusionnant le dossier "data" et en remplaçant tout les fichiers)
4: copier le contenu du dossier crack dans le répertoire du jeu (remplacer les fichiers)
5: et roule ma poule... vlà la 4.2



super , TORRENT CONFORME et le jeu ne marche plus ............

Mrtoniovoila ↑ 1.34 TB ↓ 984.02 GB Ratio: 1,39

Mea Culpa j'ai tout réinstaller (en gardant ma sauvegarde) avec les versions no steam (le jeu puis les 2 mises a jours) et cela remarche (juin 2014)en route pour la coupe du monde bon jeu

doudoudesedan ↑ 46.13 GB ↓ 18.73 GB Ratio: 2,46

merci pour le patch mais tout comme Mrtoniovoila et d'autres une fois le patch installé je ne peux plus démarrer le jeu !
Une idée du soucis ?

Mrtoniovoila ↑ 1.34 TB ↓ 984.02 GB Ratio: 1,39

Ben le patch est instalé mais plus moyen de lancer le jeu!

framos ↑ 1.35 TB ↓ 1.25 TB Ratio: 1,08

encore bcp de crash dump, dommage

Pkone ↑ 469.78 GB ↓ 63.07 GB Ratio: 7,44

@yoyobmcy: Sur ma partie actuelle, j'en suis en fin août 2014.

@EnemyUnknow: Le jeu fonctionne très bien chez moi -> config : windows 7 64, jeu de base : Football Manager 2014 PC game ^^nosTEAM^^ (je ne sais plus où je l'ai trouvé.

yoyobmcy ↑ 511.43 GB ↓ 126.06 GB Ratio: 4,05

bonsoir, est ce que avec ce patch on peut passer juillet 2014 ??

yannou643 ↑ 610.35 GB ↓ 540.49 GB Ratio: 1,12

Fonctionne très bien merci

EnemyUnknow ↑ 4.51 TB ↓ 1.06 TB Ratio: 4,27

Ne fonctionne pas chez moi: windows 7 64.

Installé sur Football.Manager.2014.MULTI17.PC.ISO (A) de T411.

Pour ceux qui on réussi merci de partager votre OS et la version initiale du jeux pour comparer.

morfeius arno list ↑ 132.67 GB ↓ 127.88 GB Ratio: 1,03

ça ne marche pas!

Pechox ↑ 1.72 TB ↓ 1.04 TB Ratio: 1,65

merci mais le .exe ne fonctionne pas chez moi

zanzaratoustra ↑ 590.18 GB ↓ 467.96 GB Ratio: 1,26

Patch installé ... fonctionne nikel pour le moment !!!

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